Fanadise is going to be the first Refundable IDO on DuckSTARTER! 🚀🚀🚀

Fanadise Public Sale Details

  • Open date: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Allocation: $105,000

The crypto markets have always been in a state of perpetual evolution. The highly volatile market conditions have conditioned many long-term crypto investors to accept these changes in market sentiment as a fact of life. Especially for DuckDAO and the ducks, market conditions are extremely important to provide a genuinely curated investing experience.

The refundable IDO is the latest DuckDAO innovation, a new risk-free way for the active IDO investors to gain temporary exposure to a new asset and observe its performance on the market while being able to get their capital investment back within the first 24 hours of…

DeFi City is coming to DuckSTARTER! 🚀🚀🚀

DeFi City Public Sale Details

  • Open date: Monday, July 12, 2021

Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Allocation: $78,000

PolkaWar is coming to DuckSTARTER! 🚀🚀🚀

PolkaWar Public Sale Details

  • Open date: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Allocation: $76,000

At DuckDAO, we are always looking to forge relations with projects and platforms we believe add significant value to the broader crypto ecosystem or solve a major challenge in the space. We do this to not only grow the scope of the DuckDAO ecosystem, but also to help guide the projects we think have significant long-term potential.

In line with this view, we are proud to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with InvestDex — a platform that provides a workstation for managing crypto investments and allows users to better put their funds to work.

As an all-in-one…

On Wednesday the 9th of June, the DuckDAO community had an AMA with the team from DragonBite.

“Turn your idle reward points into crypto”

DragonBite is a decentralized asset management platform that allows users to store and swap various digital assets with one app, and one password! Users of the platform are able to consolidate and convert digital assets such as loyalty points, e-vouchers, coupons, gift cards, in-game assets and cryptocurrencies into other assets, which they can then spend at dedicated Points of Sale and Merchants.

The DragonBite ecosystem utilises a dual token model. At its heart is the BITE token, which acts as a reward token and governance mechanism. The BITE token can be staked and…

HoDooi is coming to DuckSTARTER! 🚀🚀🚀

HoDooi Public Sale Details

  • Whitelist Opening: 07.06

Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Allocation: $243,750

DuckDAO is proud to announce a partnership with Chihua, a project that is building up a meme coin ecosystem with the launch of their latest “Meme Launcher”, a launchpad-type of platform that will help enhance the value DuckDAO can create in the crypto ecosystem.

This partnership has the potential to create huge benefits for the Ducks, with up to 50% of profits generated by Meme Launcher provided to all DuckFARM LP stakers, providing passive exposure to all meme coins launched by Chihua’s ecosystem.

In return, Chihua will get the full power of the DuckDAO marketing engine, together with all of…

DragonBite is coming to DuckSTARTER! 🚀🚀🚀

DragonBite Public Sale Details

  • Whitelist Opening: 04.06


  • Total Allocation: $97,500

On Wednesday the 26th of May, the DuckDAO community had an AMA with the team at InvestDex.

“The First Crypto Workstation”

InvestDex is a unique crypto workstation — a platform that allows users to visualize, manage, and organise their assets and strategies. With features such as the whale watcher, account scanner, and new token listings, users of the platform can find early gems and avoid scams.

Platform Features

  • Workstation — A place for users to track their assets and add roadmap items to an interactive calendar. Set reminders, plan, and prepare your strategies in advance!

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